[(Oil and Water)] [By (author) Rue Volley] published on (October, 2013) par Rue Volley

November 20, 2019

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Titre de livre: [(Oil and Water)] [By (author) Rue Volley] published on (October, 2013)
Auteur: Rue Volley
Date de sortie: October 15, 2013
Éditeur: Vamptasy Publishing

Rue Volley avec [(Oil and Water)] [By (author) Rue Volley] published on (October, 2013)

Book Three Oil & Water (Each of these books have to be read IN ORDER or you will be lost.) We join Rue as she wakes up in a foreign place. She does not remember who she, how she got there or why her heart aches so badly. She also has a very bad feeling that if she gets well, something terrible will come of it. She struggles to get a grip on reality as new friends try their best to earn her trust, but old enemies bring with them memories of a life she has all but forgotten. Once again she finds herself in a battle of epic proportions, only this time her greatest enemy is her own mind and what it will accept as truth. Will she allow herself to move forward? or, will she fade into memory once and for all? What an ending, I cried so bad over this book, these characters are ingrained in my memory, I feel like I know each one personally, I would highly recommend this to someone who is after a great book, I could not put it down, Thank you Rue for writing this series, too be honest I hope it never ends. Julie Newberry I loved this book . This is by far one of the best vampire series I've ever read. I can hardly wait to read book 4. Sandy Anderson I love Rue and Josh and yeah sometimes Johnathan too. They are amazing characters. This is a must read series. Full of whit, sarcasm and real characters who can feel real enough and just flawed enough to make you love them even more. Chelle International Bestselling Author, HOT INK PRESS

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